Wiz's platform analyzes computing infrastructure for combinations of risk factors that could allow malicious actors to gain control of assets and/or exfiltrate valuable data.

Supported Data Types

  • wiz-events

Sending Data to Hunters

In order to send Wiz data to Hunters, a webhook is used. The webhook is created by Hunters. Once Hunters has created the webhook, it we will sent with the following details:

  • URL

  • Header

In order to configure the webhook, go to New Automation Action, and supply the relevant details such as Name, Action (Call a webhook), and input the URL and Authentication header supplied by Hunters (make sure to choose Token for Authentication type).

In addition to creating the Action, you will need to configure a rule in Wiz to send the Issues to the Webhook (specifically, Created, Opened, Closed, Reopened).

For more details, please follow the Wiz documentation.