LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online.
After the data is ingested, Hunters read the data from the shared bucket, parse it and allow the usage of this source to protect your users and your network in a more comprehensive way - both in detection and investigation phases in the Hunters’ pipeline.

Supported Data Types

  • User Activity Report Events - The User Activity report provides a comprehensive log of every user related events. The logs include attempted and successful actions. More information on the event types can be found here.

Hunters Ingestion

In order to enable Hunters' collection & ingestion of LastPass for your account, the logs should be collected to an S3 bucket shared with Hunters.

Expected Format

{"Time": "2021-12-14 22:45:02", "Username": "john@gmail.com", "IP_Address": "", "Action": "Reporting", "Data": "(initiated by API)"}