In this section find an overview of the means of accessing your Snowflake security data lake.

In subsequent sections you will find different data sources and example queries that demonstrate how you can access and query the raw data.

Accessing Snowflake

You may access your Snowflake security data lake using two ways, through the Snowflake Classic Console, or through SnowSight.

Snowflake Classic Console

  1. Sign in to your Snowflake account, and navigate to the Worksheets page.

  2. On the top lefthand side of the page, click the + button to open a new Worksheet.

  3. Prior to querying, ensure that the proper Role, Warehouse and Database are selected. You can configure these at the top righthand side of the page.

  4. You may now query the raw data and the different tables within the database.

Snowflake SnowSight

Snowsight, a Snowflake feature released in June 2020 is the SQL Worksheets replacement, and is designed to support data analyst activities. At the time of writing, this feature is supported for Snowflake accounts in multi-tenant Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure regions only.

Important: By default, Snowsight is enabled for account administrators (i.e. users with ACCOUNTADMIN role) only. Enabling Snowsight for all roles in your account requires a one-time setup.

  1. Sign in to SnowSight by going to https://app.snowsight.com.

  2. You may find pre-existing worksheets under Worksheets > Folders , there are pre-made by Hunters as a Proof-of-Concept.

  3. You may choose to create a new Worksheet (by clicking on + Worksheet at the top righthand side of the screen), or to work with a pre-existing Worksheet. This example shows working with a pre-existing Worksheet.

  4. You can modify the query according to your requirements.

  5. Once ready, you may launch the query by clicking on the Play button at the top righthand side of the screen.

  6. Once the query finishes processing, you may find the results of the query at the bottom of the screen.