In order to share raw events with Hunters, you must be licensed for Falcon Insights in Crowdstrike.

Supported data types

  • Raw Events

  • Detections

Sending data to Hunters

As a Crowdstrike customer, the easiest way to get your data into Hunters is through the Falcon Store.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Login to Crowdstrike Falcon portal

  2. In the menu (on the left) click Crowdstrike Store -> All Apps

  3. Look for Hunters.AI app - Hunters.AI - Autonomous Threat Hunting

  4. Click the ‘TRY IT FREE’ button

  5. Your Crowdstike API token is now shared with Hunters with the following permissions:

    • Crowdstrike Falcon raw data replicator

    • Crowdstrike Detections API

  6. Email will automatically be generated from Hunters confirming your interest. (Note: This is designed for new prospects who have not yet been introduced to Hunters, please disregard the request to schedule a demo.)

  7. Hunters to provision customer Account for Hunters.AI portal. Leveraging CrowdStrike API Token.