Adding a new set of Data Flows consists of a sequence of actions, as described in this page. The difference between distinct Data Flows is reflected by the chosen product, source and data-types.

Follow the instructions below to add a new Data Flow:

Step 1. Login to your Hunters SOC Portal

Step 2. Data Flows Page

Hover over the Data pane, and click on Data Flows

Step 3. Add Data Flows

Click the Add Data Flows button. A popup wizard will open, guiding you on the process of adding your new Data Flow to Hunters SOC.

Step 4. Data Flows Wizard

Click on the Product dropdown list and choose the product you wish to add.

Step 5. Data Origin and Data Type

According to the Product chosen from the dropdown list, the Data Origin and Data Types fields will display the information required in order to complete the wizard.

Step 6. Test Connection

Once you have inputted all the required information, click the Test Connection button to ensure that the configuration is valid.

Step 7. Submit

Once the test is successful, click the Submit button to finish the wizard.

Step 8. Verify

Once you complete the wizard, verify that the Data Flow has been added to the Data Flows page. After the Data Flow has been added, it will be displayed with the status of Initializing. It might take some time for the status to change, depending on the product you have added and the initial volume of data to be ingested.