To allow Hunters access to your OneLogin account please follow these instructions. At the end of the process you will generate a Client Id and a Client Secret. Please submit these details using the support button in the bottom right hand corner when you are logged into your portal.

Configuring Credentials to Share with Hunters

  1. Please login to the administration portal of your OneLogin account. Once there, select the Developers menu and click API Credentials.

  2. Once in the API Credentials section, you need to create a new set of credentials for Hunters to use to access your account. Click on New Credential.

  3. Once in the New Credential dialog, Enter a name for the credential, and make sure that you click on Read Users. This is the level of access that Hunters will need. Then click on Save to create the credential.

  4. Once complete, you will get a dialog box with your new Client ID and Client Secret. Please copy these details.

  5. Reach out to your Hunters representative, and include the following details:

    1. Client ID

    2. Client Secret

    3. The region your OneLogin account is hosted in (either US or EU)

    4. Your full account URL (i.e. https://hunters.onelogin.com)