Before learning how to work with the Hunters XDR platform, it is advised to get yourself acquainted with the Hunters XDR terminology as well as the different parts that make up the Hunters XDR pipeline.


The Hunters XDR flexible ingestion engine, allows for ingestion of multiple data sources of high volume in real time. Click here to learn more about the Hunters XDR ingestion engine and its components.


The Hunters XDR advanced real time stream processing engine, allows for the creation of complex threat use-cases and detections. Click to learn more the Hunters XDR detection engine and its components.


The Hunters XDR automatic investigation engine, allows for the automation of expertise-driven queries to facilitate effective prioritization of alerts. Click to learn more about the Hunters XDR automatic investigation engine.


The Hunters XDR correlation engine, allows for advanced correlation across the entire security stack through the use of entity extraction and plotting on a graph database. Click to learn more about the Hunters XDR Correlation engine.