This page contains information about new content released in the last month, and improvements and bug fixes to existing content.
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Suspicious Registry Run Key Was Written

Adversaries may achieve persistence by adding a program to a startup folder or referencing it with a Registry run key. Adding an entry to the "run keys" in the Registry or startup folder will cause the program referenced to be executed when a user logs in. These programs will be executed under the context of the user and will have the account's associated permissions level.


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Scoring Model

Suspicious Run Keys model

Completes the runkeys leads by building a more dedicated score by analysing flags that are found in the lead.


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Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Added hostname travel_by based on hostname_to_agent_id DrillDown. We won’t travel_by hostname if we see many different EDR agents on this IP (like VDI or Citrix XenApp).

  • Added domain_categories field which classifies a domain into category, to the detectors:

    • DNS Server Data Exfiltration

    • Cobalt Strike DNS Beacon Detected

  • Tuned the scoring model of vulnerability management findings.