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Getting Started

Adding a new set of dataflows is built from a sequence of actions, described in this page.

The difference between distinct dataflows is reflected by the chosen product, source and data-types.


  1. Login to your Hunters account Hunters home

  2. Click the Data Flows tab

  3. Click the Add Data Flows button.
    A window opens, guiding how to integrate a set of data types, belonging to a specific product. Add dataflow

  4. Click the dropdown at section 1 and select a PRODUCT. Select a product

  5. Follow the specific guidelines for the Product you have just selected.
    Once you fill in sections 2 and 3, go on to the next step.
    On section 2, you will be asked for the required information to inform Hunters how to get the data (AKA the source).
    Section 3 lets you pick the specific data types (that belongs to the chosen product) to be ingested.

  6. Once all required fields were filled, a "TEST CONNECTION" button is enabled.
    Click it to ensure Hunters can access the data. Test

  7. Once the connection was approved the SUBMIT button is enabled.
    Click it to activate the dataflows. Submit